Interactive Workshops

The HIM advocates will undergo a series of interactive workshops and experiential activities to obtain knowledge in mental health issues.


Volunteer Services

The advocates will carry out a series of volunteer services at hospitals or with other non-governmental organizations. Through direct interaction with people suffering from and recovering from mental illness, this aims to change student’s attitudes on people with mental problem.


Led by the Jardine Ambassadors, the participants will share and discuss the experience/knowledge acquired after each activity. This aims to reinforce the experience gained through various activities. 

In-school Activities

The advocates forming the HIM Club will organize various events and activities, such as exhibitions, slogan and drama competition, book displays, talks and open forums, etc., in their schools to promote mental health.

Parent and teacher seminars

Seminars for parents and teachers to train them to be ‘mental health advocates’.

Health in Mind Website

A platform to spread mental health messages to the public at large and to excavate the programme.