After an accident

The Oct 1 Lamma Island ferry collision tragedy had brought about great shock and sorrow to anyone who read the news.

Disaster victims usually show post-traumatic stress responses including recurrent intrusive images of the accident, avoidant to thoughts, places or events that might lead to recollection of the incident, irritability, numbness, sleep disturbance, difficulties concentrating, senses of withdrawal and estrangement. Apart from stress responses, those who lost their loved ones might also experience grief reactions such as denial, self-blame, guilt, anger, depression and craving for the loved ones.

These psychological responses are normal if happen shortly after the accident. Most people could get over them gradually and restore normal lives. For those who are impacted by the accident, please allow time to process and face the stress responses and lost. Halt reading about the news or related information for the time being and engage in activities might bring more peaceful or pleasurable feelings and progressively reinstate normal routines. If the psychological responses persist for more than a month or have been affecting your normal functioning, seeking professional advices would be helpful to alleviate the symptoms. 

When it comes to the unexpected, it’s natural that our senses of security felt shattered and we start to question the value and meaning of life. These few days, memorial services were held in different districts and organizations. The silent moments of tribute not only allow us to express mourning to the deceased, offer support to the survivors but also to sink in and ponder on the meaning of life for ourselves.

Life might be unpredictable, but we could still savor every moment and treasure what we have.