Don't Make Your Partner Put Up with Eating Fast Food
On 'Promotion of Mental Health'


After the Youtube video that depicted the ‘14 Slaps Hong Kong Girl Incident’, another Youtube video that went viral was the ‘Searching for a girlfriend who is willing to put up with eating fast food’. This video had accumulated over 1.7 million views globally, and became the most popular non-music Youtube video in Hong Kong in 2013. I believe many of you would have at least heard of this video even you might not have seen it.


If you found a partner who was willing to eat fast food with you for the rest of your life, then congratulations for finding the one who was willing to go through sufferings in life and poverty with you. But please remember, even if you really could find such a worthy partner, don’t make him/her eat fast food or junk food everyday, because this will not only undermine the physical health but also mental health!


An overseas study recruited 8964 people who did not have depression at the start of the study, and tracked their diets and depression statuses for 6 months. At the end of the study, it was found that the ones who ate the most fast food (e.g. pizza, hamburgers, hotdogs) and food high in trans fat (e.g. pastries, doughnuts, cakes, ice-cream) were 51% more likely to develop depression, compared to people who ate the least of these food.


Previous studies also showed a similar link. A past research had included more than 3000 middle-aged office workers (i.e. those who had little physical activity), and looked at their diet and depressive symptoms. Researchers found that people who ate more processed meat (e.g. sausages and ham), chocolates, sweet desserts, fried food, high-fat dairy products were more likely to report symptoms of depression. Another study found that in 945 men and women, those who had greater trans fat intake tended to be more irritable and were more aggressive.


The good news is that people who are more fruits, vegetables, and fish were less likely to report being depressed. This was consistent with previous studies that found people on healthydiets rich in fruits, vegetables, and fish had lower rates of Alzheimer's diseases, revealing the benefits of these food to our mental health.


Would you like to have a partner who is depressed and irritable everyday? For your partner’s mental health, please make sure your partner eats healthily, and don’t make him/her eat fast food and junk food everyday!



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