Introductory Workshop and Teens' Training for Retention Schools

Brief information

In order to raise the awareness of the students and provide proper information on mental illness, Health in Mind Programme organized an Introductory Workshop and Teens’ Training for retention schools on 14th October, 2017 (Saturday). We are glad to have Mr Luk Kwok-lam, Senior Nursing Officer (Psychiatric) and Dr. Cheryl So, Senior Clinical Psychologist of Kwai Chung Hospital as speakers of the workshop.


Mr. Luk introduced various types of common mental health disorders, and briefly explained the respective causes, symptoms and treatment methods. For better understanding of the mental illnesses from a patient perspective, Mr. LEE, a peer specialist who has Asperger Syndrome, was invited to come and share his personal experience, has feelings towards his mental disorder, and the need as well as challenges he had on the way of recovery.


Dr. Cheryl So then shared with the Teens the vision and mission as the students’ ambassadors of Health in Mind Programme, and the responsibility to raise the awareness on mental wellbeing in school and promote social inclusion in the community. She demonstrated some of the challenges that Teens would face while planning and organizing volunteer services, and practiced with the Teens different ways to tackle them. Teens also learnt how to communicate better and show their care to the person-in-recovery through role play.