Need your encouragement ── physical changes

During puberty, teenagers become aware of their physical appearance, dressing style and diet. If you wish your teens to go through their puberty smoothly and successfully, your encouragement and understanding will be very important.

 Little things of life that you cannot ignore
Teens’ daily aspects What parents can do Reason 
  • Encourage adequate sleep 
  • Facilitate mental and physical health 


  • Encourage a balanced diet, and be a good model
  • Reserve healthy food at home
  • Adequate nutrient absorption facilitates physical and mental development 


  • Encourage more exercise, and be a good model
  • Help muscle development and consumption of excessive and remaining calorie from heavy diet
  • Enhance falling asleep at night
  • More relaxing and stress releasing

Focus on appearance 

  • Be open-minded and don’t be too critical
  • Let the children understand the importance of style of speech, courtesy, magnanimity and critical thinking
  • Show your understanding about teens desire to build up their own images among peers