The causes of eating disorders (Social factors)
Misleading messages

Nowadays, many people believe that “thin” means beautiful and successful; “fat” means failure, which may induce dissatisfaction about one's body figure. Mass media also helps to promote the misleading messages of “body figure equals self-esteem” and “once you get slim, you also get fortunes on love and work”. However, all the messages they say are only an advertisement for promoting their products or services.


The "requirement" of  job

People in highly visible, high-pressure careers, such as models, dancers, or pop stars, suffer a higher incidence of anorexia. Fashion leads performers to strive for a stick-thin appearance, with the result that such performers have an average body weight of 20% less than normal. While this may be partially the result of a natural tendency towards thinness, it is often also attributable to their extreme exercise routine and stringent diet. This abnormal lifestyle contributes to their low weight and distorted on self-images.