Sequelae of eating disorders
Heart attack Sufferers are prone to die of heart attack since Anorexia leads to slow heartbeat and eventually shrunken cardiac muscles
Sex hormone & thyroid hormone Hormonal changes such as thyroid and reproductive hormones, leading to amenorrhea (absence of menstruation), infertility, bone loss, and retarded growth
Imbalance in minerals and electrolytes

Minerals and electrolytes, particularly calcium and potassium, prevent the body from producing a sufficient quantity of red blood cells.  Such an imbalance or deficiency can be life-threatening


Blood disease Neutropenia and anemia arise with a lack of nutrients
Digestive problem Constipation may result
Teeth and gums Damaged by the acid contained in vomit
Low potassium levels Resulting from purging, which may cause weakness and irregular heart rhythms 
Emotional problems

Depression and a variety of impulsive behaviours, such as sexual promiscuity, theft, alcohol and drug abuse

Mood disturbances are also common, including anxiety feeling of helplessness and failure, and self-deprecatory thoughts
Medication dependency These drugs may include laxatives, diuretics, appetite suppressants and ipecac (a drug that induces vomiting)
Digestive problem Including irritation of the esophagus and rectum